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All Saints Catholic School serves PreK-3 through 8 grades in the north Dallas, Plano, and Collin county areas. We are a faith based school centered around Christ.  ASCS exists to pass on the Catholic faith to our children in a challenging academic environment with Gospel values as a foundation and Christ as the model. Parents, the primary educators of their children, together with our community, share the common goal of preparing children for life-long learning and Christian service.  All Saints Catholic School is committed to nurturing each child's spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, emotional and physical development.


Reminder:  PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND THE HSA MEETING THIS TUESDAY APRIL 28th at 7 pm! Sign up for childcare for the HSA meeting at alagreca@allsaintsk8.org.Incentives for attending the meeting will be given!!! 

Please continue to pray for the Cobler family as Jude continues his fight!  We all love him and miss him!

Welcome back Dr. R.! Thank you to Jacob Abernathy for all of his help with Gt Math. He did a fabulous job and will be missed. Jacob is available to provide paid tutoring services for grades 3-8. Text Jacob at 972-322-6078 if you are interested. He has been a blessing.

And, lastly, some food for thought…(I came across this while I was reading the book The Way God Teaches by Joseph D. White, PhD.)

“What is the matrix in which we live? 

The tendency to value materials more than people.  The busy-ness of the modern world that causes us to spend less time together and form fewer closer relationships.  The cheapening of God’s great gift of sexuality on the internet, in movies, and on television and an almost overwhelming explosion of new electronic media.  A moral relativism that says there is no right or wrong –what matters is how you feel.  A sound-bite culture that holds deep thinking and reflection at bay. 

And yet, in the midst of this matrix, God speaks to us, as he has since the beginning of Creation, how to be truly human, and what it means to have life and have it more abundantly.  Are we listening?  And are we helping others listen, too?

One key on how to pay better attention to God’s message and hand it on to others may be in a study of HOW God teaches us.  What is the pedagogy of God?”

This book is an excellent read and really gets you thinking!  It makes me want to be a better Catholic and share the Good News through my actions in all that I do.  It is so important to remember what is most important despite the noise and chaos around us.

Have a blessed rest of the week!  

Mrs. Blake